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So up to some extent ,it is mandatory to take a respite for some time. Others state that after busier schedule, one should relax their mind. Which country would you like to visit.

Do you agree that different clothes influence the way people behave. Support your choice with specific examples. If everything they do must have some educational or academic relevance, then they will soon get tired of studying altogether, which is the last thing parents would want.

In my view, the most pressing priority is to provide protective legislation for old homes and buildings. What are some other reasons that people work. For instance, if I have an enormous workload in office hours, I will likely choose the second way to spend my leisure time.

The key explanation to this could be that evidence in favour of playing puzzles and answering IQ quizzes is found in much research which reveals that these activities will boost human mindset effectively and logically.

Other universities require students to specialize in one subject. Explain your choice, using specific reasons and examples. I am partial accord with this ideology. If we do not pay enough attention to rest and sleep, it will be likely to make us feel exhausted and irritable. The invention of the Internet has had negative effects on your civilization.

Others believe that going to classes should be optional for students. How can the government reduce traffic and dissuade people from driving their cars into the centre every day. General lesson plan In this lesson by Karen Richardson, students work collaboratively to produce a class newsletter.

Why do you think people decide to go to school. People often keep on visiting the same place again and again for vacation, even though the place which was once enjoyable no longer rests and regenerates them. Some people choose friends who are different from themselves. You have made the notes below.

Now we learn how to express purpose with the following words: Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. There is nothing that young people can teach older people.

Compare the benefits of planning free-time activities with the benefits of not making plans. So students who want to be a part of tertiary education in these countries need to learn whenever they get any time. Use specific reasons and details to support your answer. Explain why movies are so popular.

Some people say that physical exercise should be a required part of every school day. Meanwhile unwinding after hard work and study is not crushed aside. Sitting all alone, individual can feel isolated or depressed; they can become aggressive and violent or engaging in excess consumption of alcohol.

Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer. Compare the advantages of each choice.

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I think that people who utilise spare time doing activities that boost the mind are more successful than others who love to use spare time for relaxing.

Approximately words [ by - Aqeela] Model Answer 3: One should never judge a person by external appearances.

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Have these qualities changed or remained the same over time in your culture. Hobbies help people to feel that they are interesting and even help in advancing their outer image. By solving puzzles and playing brain games, it escalates creative power of our mind, a level of thinking also develop in an effective manner.

What do you think is the best way for your school to spend this money. In one hand, some people have very exhausting jobs. Before giving my opinion, I will discuss both sides of view. What does everyone think about zoo animals.

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Another important point is that the practical knowledge of the students will increase if they involve with some extracurricular activities. An essay about leisure time and academic pressure. Look at the question and problem and solution essay and do the exercises to improve your writing skills.

The Trouble with Wilderness; or, Getting Back to the Wrong Nature by William Cronon. Print-formatted version: PDF In William Cronon, ed., Uncommon Ground: Rethinking the Human Place in Nature, New York: W.

W. Norton & Co.,The time has come to rethink wilderness. This page contains the Issue topics for the Analytical Writing section of the GRE ® General Test. When you take the test, you will be presented with one Issue.

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Leisure may be defined as the spare-time which a man gets after his bread and butter activities are over. It is the time which a man is free to pass in any way he likes. Related Articles: Essay on Leisure Leisure Time – Essay.

PTE Academic writing leisure time essay sample PTE Academic, PTE ESSAYS Some people think that it is important to use leisure time for activities that develop the mind, such as reading and doing crossword puzzles. An essay is a formal piece of writing which describes, analyses or discusses a particular issue.

The most common types are: Opinion essays. They present the writer’s personal opinion of the topic, supported with examples and reasons.

Writing about leisure time activities essay
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