An understanding of hate crime in the essay whats so bad about hate by andrew sullivan

Although tying hate down to only three categories is an oversimplification of the term, it is a start towards a more complete understanding of it.

“What’s so Bad About Hate?” by Andrew Sullivan Essay Sample

Often times hate is confused with anger an example of this is when a child says they hate one of their classmates because they took of their toys, what it really is, is that they do not hate the other child but they really are angry that their toy was taken.

I really like his approach to this topic. He declares that our anti-Hate measures only work to prolong and maybe even encourage hate, and advocates for the removal of hate laws completely. I have always used concrete facts to change my mind when undecided about certain things.

Especially living in Brooklyn, crime is not committed purely because a person is Mexican or Jewish most of the time it is just violence for the sake of violence or perhaps even from growing up in a bad neighborhood. It symbolizes the how white supremacy is soon from a racist perspective.

Individuals may just be acting out of their subconscious rather than intent. Prison is suppose to be an undesirable place that makes inmates not want to repeat their crime and have to return.

In other words, trying to categorize these crimes will only exploit them and their victims. Therefore, it becomes a question of whether or not hate is a self-conscious activity. Finally, he proposes that we should take a different approach towards hate, that we should ignore and tolerate it where possible and so discourage haters who seek to capitalize on their hate.

He goes on to relate the controversy caused by a group of firefighters when one of them mimicked the dragging death of James Byrd, a black man dragged by a pickup truck for three miles down a road in Texas, during a Labor Day parade.

But others act simply off of ignorance and do not grasp full knowledge of the person they are hating.

“What’s so Bad About Hate?” by Andrew Sullivan Essay Sample

He explains that hate is more than just a lazy prejudice, it is the violence that goes beyond that. Analyzing hate with Sullivan we begin to understand how love is important in this world to destroy hate. Hate is such a strong word and there are so many reasons that one may have hate towards another such as fear, betrayal, revenge, powerlessness or even hate that reminds one of themselves.

In the society, there would always be black racism, racist Jews, sexist women, and anti-Semitic homosexuals. He categorizes these as Elizabeth Young-Bruehl did in her book ,into the following types: Human beings generalize all the time, ahead of time, about everyone and everything.

The victims of hate become dangerous over the time, as they cannot overcome their anger and start harming everyone around.

From President Clinton calling for a foreign expansion of hate crime laws to President Obama waging an entire war on terrorism.

Lastly, narcissists can be simplified down to sexists. For example, Sullivan proposes that a hysterical sexist hate women because they need them, who are conceited that does not recognize women, and fluctuate their positions.

The volunteer firefighters who made the float had the intention of making it a funny float but they went the wrong way with depicting the lynching of a black man. Sep 26,  · Andrew Sullivan article on hate crimes; focuses on nature of hate and our own part in what it may be; photos (M)c Neither of these killings was deemed a hate crime, and neither would be.

After reading Andrew Sullivan’s “What’s So Bad About Hate?” I began to realize that hate does not possess the same meaning as it did in the past. With the fear of hate came new laws that have taken away the right of free deduction.

Jul 16,  · With Andrew Sullivan’s deep examination of hate in his article we learn too much about hate so everyone could be surprised, - we learn so much so we begin to hate hate and that the only hate that should exist on this earth, as I think.

Nov 05,  · “What’s So Bad About Hate” by Andrew Sullivan provides a detailed analysis of what defines hate, and in particular, hate crimes. They are distinct in that they focus on a particular characteristic, although they tell about the victims, as in sexism, racism, and homophobia.

They tell little about the perpetrator, and why they commit crimes. Andrew Sullivan Whats So Bad About Hate. of “For Gay Marriage” By Andrew Sullivan Marriage between two people is a commitment, to take care of each other no matter what happens, to be there for each other, to love one another for who they are.

Homosexuals have been denied this right simply because they have a different sexuality than most people. What’s so bad about Hate? *Analysis of the Essay “What’s So Bad About Hate?” by Andrew Sullivan Pages Step 1 • Sullivan wonders what hate really is since a new offense called a “hate crime” entered into the American criminal law.

• Hate cannot be described as one word. There is so much that could be behind it.

An understanding of hate crime in the essay whats so bad about hate by andrew sullivan
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“What’s so Bad About Hate?” by Andrew Sullivan | Essay Example